Combat mold, germs, and viruses

Wouldn’t you like to go to sleep at night knowing that your family is breathing better? The air in our homes is contaminated with bacteria, dust mites, molds and viruses on a daily basis. They cause sickness and unwanted symptoms like itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing. The UV rays in sunlight are successful sterilizers of impurities in the air. Therefore, a logical and effective solution to improving one’s health by preventing allergies, asthma attacks and the spread of illnesses is to purify the indoor air with a UV air cleaner. As air passes through your home or business system it is bathed in a special UV light spectrum that noiselessly eliminates these commonly found sources of allergies. It also works to keep your evaporator coil free of these contaminants and eliminates the need to an expensive repair.

Now standard in Federal Buildings, these Ultraviolet Germicidal lights are workhorses that eliminate airborne contaminants like mold, viruses, bacteria and mildew and do it 24/7, year round. Most home warranty policies don’t cover cleaning of the evaporator. Find out how peace of mind and better air quality can improve your comfort.