Why Should You Change Your Air Filter? Here are some reasons that make changing your air filter a big deal.

HVAC Equipment Damage

For starters, research shows that a top cause for HVAC system malfunction is dirty filters. When your air filter is dirty, that also means that your ducts are dirty, which then means that the air distributed throughout your house is dirty. Airflow is also reduced and air has to find other routes (unsealed or open areas) to slip through. Ultimately, costly repairs will be needed. By deciding to not replace your air filter you’ve decided to put one of your biggest home investments at risk for failure. Putting in the money for a new air filters can save you the huge cost of fixing or completely replacing your HVAC unit or entire system.

Allergy Relief

When your air filter is dirty and your ducts become dirty, your air is filled with allergens. These allergens accumulate to dust. Changing your filter plays an important role in reducing the symptoms and reactions of allergies. Probably the most obvious reason to change your air filter is to keep the air clean in your home. Often times your filter will become clogged with dust, pet dander, and other particles. Not replacing the filter on time leads to this problem getting worse, until eventually it isn’t filtering at all. The air being distributed throughout your home is still being passed through that filter though, pet dander and all. Just think about it, if you haven’t changed your filter in years then you are breathing in all of that dirt and dust that has built up over time on the filter!

Cost & Energy Efficiency

When your air filter hasn’t been changed, it gets caked with dirt and dust and makes it harder and harder for air to pass through the longer you don’t replace it. This means that your system has to use more energy to do its job. Also, airflow bypassing through unsealed and open areas amounts to energy lost. This is another way that you ultimately pay the price for not changing your air conditioner filter. By actually purchasing a replacement air conditioner filter you’re helping protect yourself against unnecessary repairs, high energy bills, and dirty air.

So, what’s the big deal about changing your air filter? It’s not a big deal – unless, you don’t. Need a reminder when it’s time to change? Air filter manufacturer Filtrete offers a reminder email service. Just go here to sign up!