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Using thermal imaging to locate problem areas

Accu-Temp uses thermal imaging to help resolve issues you may be experiencing with your heating and cooling results.  Reading the thermal images produced by an infrared camera allows for quick and accurate identification of defects that may not always be immediately apparent to the naked eye.  Infrared imaging is especially useful when looking for air leaks […]

Why you should change your air filter

Why Should You Change Your Air Filter? Here are some reasons that make changing your air filter a big deal.

HVAC Equipment Damage

For starters, research shows that a top cause for HVAC system malfunction is dirty filters. When your air filter is dirty, that also means that your ducts are dirty, which then means that the […]

Getting the best from your system

Regular maintenance for your vehicles is a given but it can pay big dividends with your electric bill when you get the right kind of maintenance for your heating and cooling system. As comfort systems get more sophisticated, the same system each of your neighbors has can have widely varying results and costs. As you […]